Friday, 15 June 2012

Matt & Muskoka Lakes Wines

Trooper, me, Matt!
What a nice young man! He sends out the wittiest tweets. We've been visiting for years. This week we went to visit our old haunts, and check mom and dad's gravesite.

Trooper is always up for a belly rub!
Me an' Joe Brian, and Muffin Muncher visited Trooper, and Matt, of course. It's a tradition.

Muffin Muncher hopes for a wagon ride.
CranFest is a fun time in Bala, ON

New 2011 white cranberry wine!

Muffin Muncher eyes the cranberry wine!

Here are the cranberry plants in the bog. They have to be kept wet. We used to have plants near our frog pond, but they were wee things, and didn't get the right amount of moisture.
Cranberries in fall
Matt showed us the wine-making process in a tour one year. When we lived in Bala, we visited often!
Field and fields of cranberries!

This is where the cranberries grow!

Not too long - and these will be delicious cranberries!
Cranberries are blooming!

Everybody loves the cranberry bog!
Goslings run from me.
There are lots of critters who visit. I caught some video of beavers in the bog. They don't like the free flowing water!

I loved my early morning visits. Many different wine styles from which to choose. Cranberry wine, some is oaked. Then there are combinations: white cranberry, cranberry/blueberry, blueberry, and so on. Many have won medals at various shows. Matt always twitters about his events.

He has a long history here, as his family has been involved with the Johnston family since his grandfather's days.


W.C.Camp said...

Matt looks like a really nice guy, but I am not so sure about the kid he's holding? Have a great week! W.C.C.

Red said...

Cranberry wine sounds good to me. Our cranberry blossoms are white. I noticed those are pink or coral??

Icy BC said...

Must be a nice place to visit, and for tasting. I love dried cranberries.

Linda said...

I have never seen cranberries growing. I knew they grew in a bog however. The blooms are very pretty!