Friday 22 June 2012

'Tis the season for butterflies!

Felix and I went walkies on the grassy knoll. He's pretending to sleep!

The 'Grassy Knoll' filled with Milkweed
The knoll has a lovely patch of Milkweed. I wish I had Smellovision, as their blooms are delightful to smell!

In fact, they say that Monarch Butterflies are in danger, since farmers have cut back where the Milkweeds used to lay their eggs.

I leave my Milkweed to grow everywhere.
The moths have been at it for weeks, but the butterflies are now coming out!
The caterpillars are hatching, too!

It is such a pleasure ambling around the gardens with the cats.

Another one I must identify!
So many caterpillars, moths, butterflies, so little time!

Hey, buddy!


Caterpillar and Mommy Monarch!

The Port Carling LIbrary hatched these a few years ago!

Butterflies and Moths Caterpillars, too!

Date of Observation: June 10, 2012
Date Notes: In my backyard
Submitted By: Jennifer Jilks
Species: Polygonia interrogationis Question Mark
Specimen Type: Photograph
Observation Notes: Sunny day, it was bopping around, visiting my hops vine.
Status: Temporary Colonist
Verified By: rosslayberry
Record Verified Date: June 21, 2012
Ontario, Canada

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Linda said...

How wonderful! They are all so pretty, but that last one is gorgeous!

Red said...

Awesome butterfly photos. I'm not sure if we have those here or not. Very beautiful creatures.