Saturday, 9 June 2012

Harassing phone calls - another one from iQor

And another call today!

We are getting phone calls from iQor on a continual basis.
I have contacted the CRTC, using the official complaints site.
They phone, and an Emily-like voice tells me it is important that you "call this number right away".  A lot of people have been harassed by them.
It is a robocaller, tells me it is 'very important' that I call 1 866 526 7794. 
I researched it, and found many complaints dating as far back as 2009. We do not have call display, and cannot use *60 or *11 to block them.

Do you think I'm calling the 888 number? NO WAY!

iQor is committed to resolving your inquiries in a timely manner. If you have a question or concern regarding your account, please contact iQor's Consumer Advocacy Group Hotline at the following:

                     Canada                           United States
                  888-804-8198                        800-811-4214

The IQOR website says, under Code of Conduct:

iQor employees are to handle themselves at all times with professionalism, a polite manner and personal integrity while following regulatory guidelines.

There are no exceptions and no excuses to this rule. In fact, all employees must abide by the following principles:

  • Identify the right party.
  • Identify iQor and the purpose of the call.
  • Document all actions and requests.
  • Stop pressing when the customer asks you to. "No means no."
  • Escalate difficult calls to management.
  • Treat consumers with respect.
We are on the Do Not Call List here in Canada. They are calling us twice a day, at least. I have filed a complaint.

You can complain about any call you received that violated an Unsolicited Telecommunications Rule (e.g. National DNCL Rules, Telemarketing Rules, or Automated Dialing-Announcing Device Rules).
Thank you for filing your complaint. The CRTC will make every effort to take enforcement action against any party who violates the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules. However, due to high volume of complaints, the CRTC must prioritize its activities.Accordingly, agreement with the above declaration statement, in combination with your complaint information, will assist in the prioritization of investigative work to be undertaken by CRTC staff.


Pearl said...

Those calls drive me nuts. I get a text every month from someone who wants me to play some game or another. Too stupid for words.


p.s. Hope Sadie gets better soon. Tell her that Liza Bean Bitey, of the Minneapolis Biteys, insists that SHE insist on "the good shrimp" from you. For medicinal purposes only, of course.

Kay L. Davies said...

Grrr, we are also on the Do Not Call list, and have decided the CRTC (or whoever) sells the Do Not Call list to the highest bidders, otherwise we wouldn't be getting so many robocalls and telemarketers.

Red said...

Our regulations on telemarketers is useless. 1. Too many loop holes 2. American calls are exempt. 3. they only go after the biggies.
I have call blocking and it really works. My phone cost 80 bucks so it's worth it.

Christine said...

I hate these kinds of calls (and emails!)

Crafty Gardener said...

We recently changed our phone line, got fed up with Bell, and they asked us if we wanted to pay so they would give out our new number. I said ... why would I want you telling all those telemarketers our new number!!