Thursday 28 June 2012

Citiots, Canada Day, school is out, sigh...

veggie garden fence
The highway has been busy, and the tourists are up at the cottage in droves. Traffic is relentless.
I decorate my fence, hoping people will slow down.
Not the case.
I love working outside, but the traffic noise is terrible.

 Hubby says I channel his grandmother. She was happier working in the veggie garden than cleaning house. What is his point?

He's been happily repainting the picket fence. It is complete!

My late parents loved the garden, too.
Today, I was slowed down by critters. The Monarch was dancing happily by. Couldn't snap a good shot!
Can you see Labbit flying?
It wasn't my fault, getting slowed down. Even Felix gets caught up in the chase!

New birds, new insects, and nary a clue what some of them are.
I can narrow it down, but it's hard.
I adore being retire and being able to research at will, not being assigned a 10,000 word essay.

I've been decorating for Canada Day. I've also been slowed down by tourists.
 It all began when person number umpteen proceeded to drive up our driveway, to take a picture of my chair.

Some ask permission and come by to chat, most do not. This isn't a public thruway!
First I placed a sign on my chair, $20 for a photo!
It didn't work. One person last Sunday,
two the Sunday before drive up, turn around, drive away.

I'm trying signage...

Next, a sign on the driveway

Golden goose is dressed up

Then a Mohawk flag on the back of my sign!
This is a war with Citiots!

Frosty has a hat, flag and a fancy tie!
Bear is dressed.


Anonymous said...

People are funny with their lack of boundaries, aren't they? I'm living with my mom (I'm in her basement suite) and that's my biggest issue right now. You could dig a moat, but then, you'd probably have people stopping by to spend a day on the water.

Thank you so much for stopping by my place for a visit - you won, btw. I've sent you an e-mail to follow up.


Linda said...

I am always amazed at how brazen people are - I am such a rule-follower, and respecter of boundaries. I admit, I do photograph people's barns, and their fences, but I am always as careful as I can be to avoid any identifying numbers, etc. and never photograph people in their own yards. I am sure, however, that with all the interesting things you have going on in your yard, I would at least slow down to a crawl!

Red said...

What a decorator! Neat that you decorate the yard and show some patriotism.