Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Spring seems to go by so quickly

This is why I'm glad I can take a photograph to gaze fondly at it, on those white, frozen days of January!

 First the iris. The colour is amazing. The petunias make me wish we had smellovision. They smell wonderful.

The purples and the yellows.

Somebody could tell me why yellow Indian Paintbrush is taller than the red!

Last year the deer ate it up! weigelia bush
With an early spring, they had food in the forest!


Bleeding Heart


Nancy said...

How lovely... the poppy is my favorite!

TexWisGirl said...

i grew up in Wis calling those indian paintbrushes, too. then moving to texas, found out that's a different bloom entirely. i've seen folks call these devil's paintbrush. either way, i love them.

Linda said...

Love those flowers! I don't have a favorite really...they are all beautiful!

Anonymous said...

A gorgeous collection! I hope you have stopped by Getting a Foothold to check out the peonies. And the allium is fantastic. I had never seen such an interesting display. Loved the peonies the best. The iris are almost done, but I agree...they are lovely. I particularly like the magenta iris with the white peony combination. Hope these storms have not hit you like they have us!

Sallie ( said...

Beautiful spring shots -- please don't tell me it's over -- I am hoping it will still be around when we get to Colorado next week.

Caroline said...

Both the "paintbrushes" are same genus (Hieracium) but different species, hence the size different. I know those as Indian paintbrushes from the Adirondacks/Lake Champlain area too, but they are hawkweeds in field guides. Your pictures are like a snapshot of home to me.

Red said...

Very colorful post! Yes, spring does pass quickly.

Maude Lynn said...

Gorgeous pictures! I adore the smell of petunias.