Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mystery birds - the ones I needed to identify!

Hermit Thrush
I find it easier to place photos of the birds I am trying to identify in this file. After my great bird count event, at Murphy's Point Park, I am noticing more and more 'new' birds!
Moving to Lanark County, about 5 degrees warmer than Ottawa or Muskoka, I'm finding new birds, as well as new birder friends to help me identify these birds.
It started with one, and led to another! The big clue is their song. 

Scarlet Tanager
Falcon - wicked hunter working
on the roof of a Perth building

Maybe a female Red-winged Blackbird?
American Bittern - listen to its weird sound!
It landed on the road. Stood their, as we stopped, with three cars behind us.
One guy tried to drive around us on our right, on the gravel, to get by.

Juvenile European Starling
American Redstart - male juvenile

Adult Male American Redstart


Olga said...

You have a great collection here. I am so glad you posted some songs. I love the Phoebe.

DeniseinVA said...

This is a splendid collection of photos and videos. I don't ever get to see these kind of birds and found them all fascinating. Thank you so much!