Thursday, 3 May 2012

Spring flowers, horse chestnut leaf bud, snake, frogs

A glorious day in the sunshine. Summer-like weather with a 20 C. temperature. 

horse chestnut leaf bud
Tulips raise faces to sun
Leaf buds burst with sweet sap
-Deer snap off a snack

green grass and goldfish pond
Lots of wildlife. The frogs were singing. I worked on the fish pond.
green growth in the wetland

Woodpecker insists on banging on the tower!


Tobi Kiesewalter, the Park’s Natural History Education Leader, tells us the black rat snakes are awake in Murphy's Point Park .

Spring peepers, wood frogs, tree frogs; all are singing. 

salamanders predict danger in an ecosystem,
blue-spotted salamander
Our in the wetland the wood frogs are waking and croaking for love! It didn't seem to worry that I was there. He croaked off and on for hours!
I was cleaning out the veggie garden and spotted a blue spotted salamander. She dug herself back in! Didn't know I had to share the garden with her, too! 
The bad news?
Black fly - warning, they are out and about!
black fly


    Linda said...

    What a wonderful rural life you have! I love the nature you share with us!

    EG CameraGirl said...

    Beautiful weather and I do love to hear the songs of spring. How sad the black flies are out and about though!

    TexWisGirl said...

    really pretty bright blooms.