Sunday, 20 May 2012

Spider web designs in sunset

I was frog watching, it was watching me!

I was down at the pond, just sitting on a stump, when I looked towards the setting sun.
Lots of frogs about, singing for love.

As I sat, I spotted this rainbow-illuminated spider web.
In a moment it was gone.
Looked upwards and spotted this spider web!

Spider weaves a lovely web

A lovely surprise!

Spiders are amazing!



Red said...

Not only are spiders amazing there are numerous species of them from tiny to giants. Then you can check out all the colors. so you see that I'm leading you up to a post? Well, maybe a whole lot of posts!

Mama Zen said...

Awesome captures!

Linda said...

I love spider webs for photographing...not so much when I walk into them! And the spiders, not so much either. I am always afraid of being bitten...the last 2 bites have been pretty bad! Long time healing!