Friday, 18 May 2012

Heron on Long Lake

I'd forgotten about this video! Someone commented on it on YouTube recently. I realized I had had 2600+ views.

It's not well shot, I find it hard to see the viewer in the sun, but the heron squak comes in at 40 seconds. I love the reflections on the water. The purpose was to try and spot a fish jumping. Videocam fail!
She was standing on our raft.
I captured a photo while canoeing.
The noise in the background: a neighbour working a chain saw, shows how much sound travels over the lake water. I took a number of photos while the video camera was running. You can hear those clicks, too!

Lanark Rookery
Walking on water, actually on a rock!

Lanark, again.

They are so huge.

Laughing heron on the lake
Itchies! Mom and dad bought me this raft when I was a teen!
fine creature
beauty on the lake


Linda said...

What great video - in spite of the sun! I was wondering what that sound was in the background! Great photos of the heron too! They are just so beautiful and graceful!

Powell River Books said...

We have herons at the marina in town, and on occasion we will see one up at the cabin. They do have an unusual sound. I can always tell when they are flying at night. - Margy

Red said...

Great photos! These birds are rather interesting in the shapes they take. You caught the interesting poses.