Friday, 4 May 2012

Canoodling on a beaver dam pond - under blue skies!!

Yes, beaver. For a long time, critters have dammed up ponds, placed mud and sticks just so.
This was an amazing day, with skies of blue, nary a cloud in sight.
Everybody was out in the sun: ducks, turtles, busy beavers.
This hearken back to my Long Lake, in Muskoka. I hauled my canoe up the hill, and set out on Mary Lake, some call it. Others call it Rose Lake.
It lies behind, and up above my old lake, feeding the lake below.

a place for ducks to create a home
providing a home to turtles

chewing bark up with teeth!
Look at the size of it!

And the beauty of a calm pond,
above a lake

This is my bliss!

It's a bit of a drop down. Perhaps 6'!

scooping up mud from lake bottom

In the background, floating mosses, vegetation.

water lilies beginning to grow

Another dam

Skywatchers 5:43


Lea said...

Beautiful shots of water and sky!
And animals, too!
Have a great week-end!
Lea's Menagerie

Linda said...

I love your wildlife! Great photos - looks like a good canoeing day!

Kay L. Davies said...

Beavers! How exciting. I've only ever seen them from a distance.
I was thinking of you today, when one of the poplar-stickies that had fallen off the dog (she comes in covered with them every spring) started crawling. I'm sure you would have put the little critter outside, but I was so horrified having a creepy-crawly in my dining room, I scooped it up in a kleenex and put it in the garbage.
Sorry, Jenn, I do try to have a naturalist frame of mind but sometimes it fails me.
Love your photos today, though.

Red said...

That was a great trip in the springtime with all the critters active.When I lived on the MacKenzie delta there was thousands of little streams that were just wide and deep enough for a small boat.

Anonymous said...

Lovely water shots and, of course, love the beaver too!

Gary said...

Great paddle, and great shots of the incredible life of a beaver pond. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Cat said...

I lived in Amherst, NH and had a small pond surrounded by wetlands at the end of our street. My daughter and me when she was around 3 or 4 used to pack a picnic lunch and go there and watch the beavers swim and play when the babies were born. These pictures are so strikingly similar to our spot, you have just made my heart smile. She is 23 year now but you transported me back to a very special time we will always treasure. Thank you for sharing these.