Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A bird and bloom story, song of spring

Horse Chestnut leaves unfurl.
Cats are exhausted!
Trillium smile at the sun!
Everything is in bloom. Well, not everything. There is lots more to come!

We wouldn't appreciate the greening of nature without the cold and the snow as a counterpoint.
The miracle of Spring, makes my heart sing.

Bumble bee at the cherry blossom
Red Admiral on the cherry blossoms
Cardinal at the feeder

Male Rose breasted grosbeak

Female Rose Breasted Grosbeak

First there were three, then, suddenly, they disappeared! Look who turned up... cheeky devil.
Male and female Rose Breasted Grosbeak,
with a goldfinch.


TexWisGirl said...

very pretty. :)

Linda said...

Great shots of the arrival of spring in your little corner of the world! I haven't seen any finches in the last few days here.

Red said...

You're really active on the blog today. Don't you know that you have all that dump truck of dirt to spread in your back yard and some trees and shrubs to plant??? Good thoughts about spring...birds and blooms.

Sallie ( said...

Your yard would make anyone's heart sing! Your pictures do too!