Friday, 13 April 2012

What a gorgeous day it was!

It was quite a week for me.
After a tough week volunteering with needy clients, I am glad it is over!
It involved a 5-hour trip to the city with one client. Hospitals aren't my friends, but I managed to help her.
The doctor was an amazing man. He gave much time to this ill woman. Amazing.

Kay & Princess Ducky
It was a treat to visit Kay Devlin, and she liked Princess Ducky!
I always enjoy visiting with her. We laugh and cry and share stories of times gone by.

I haven't been out to visit many of my blog friends, but I will make up for it.

The first few hours I spent on the phone. Our Internet was down, and I needed a techie to help me!
The next job: figuring out my tax return issue.
All is well. Whew! My cheque is in the mail.

junco on spruce
Today I spent 5 hours outside: cut the grass, cleaned up the meadow, cleaned out the garage, took a few photos.

A junco posed quite nicely for me.
A robin perched on a branch for quite a time.
Peek robin!
The grackles are busy all about.

Tonight I'm off to see theatre in town. A show hubby did not want to see. I hope I don't fall asleep!


Kay L. Davies said...

You certainly are busy, Jenn. I'd love to have half your energy, even a quarter of it.
Your junco picture is just wonderful. I love it all to bits.

Red said...

And I know you're busy so it's hard to blog. Visiting with seniors is important.

Linda said...

You are a busy lady...but you do such worthwhile things! Always enjoy hearing what you are up to! Have a good evening!

Olga said...

You are doing some important work; then the birds give you respite. How perfect.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your piece of Paradise there is a great refuge for you to recoup -- I imagine even the hard physical work is good for getting rid of the stress from your important volunteer work.
Care for the caregiver!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post and great shots. You are magic with that camera. I love the big yellow duck and the sweet woman in the van. Keep up the great work Jenn.