Sunday, 15 April 2012

Churches, ornate, large and small

I'm not a church person anymore.
I used to be, before I faced negative attitudes during my life path. My divorce sent my into being left adrift.
I was telling a Catholic client how I joined the choir at age 13, with my parents. Faithfully, we went to choir practice every Thursday, then church every Sunday.
I met so many unchristian people, that I began to realize it wasn't the place for me.
Divorce, little compassion from fellow church members, all this served to alienate me.
I am spiritual, and believe that there is something bigger than all of us.
I believe in the universal principal found in all religions:
"Treat others as you would wish to be treated."
I feel closest to God in nature, alone with the creatures of this world! I feel at one with the Universe, when hanging out with my children and grandchildren.

I like looking at churches.
Stained glass window can be simple, or beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Boy do you and I think alike or what? Yet again! Amazes me. Lovely churches Jenn. You do stay busy up there! Hope the weather in our mid-west has not reached you.

Anonymous said...

Local news: Another local priest arrested for abusing another boy. What is wrong with these priests? I hate it! I just now heard need to post this, I just wanted to tell you. Just when I was starting to feel connected again. I will keep doing what I do, and not worry about it. Loved your post. gin

Linda said...

Beautiful photos of the the stained glass!

Carletta said...

Just like I prefer the old architecture of bygone schools, and warehouses it's the same for churches. Such lovely character in their shape and stained glass windows.

EG CameraGirl said...

Church architecture is usually beautiful and I do love stained glass. I'm so sorry you had a negative church experience.