Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Celebrating women's liberation!

I read a great blogpost, Celebrating Sixty.
" in 1975, you had to have your husband’s permission to have a tubal ligation. In 1969, you had to have your husband’s permission to take birth control pills."

This is an important post. Important that we remember where we have been, to better understand where we are going.

I went to high school, Jarvis Collegiate in Toronto, Ontario. It was the first year high school girls were allowed to wear pants to school. Yet, we wore miniskirts. What's with that?!
Girls were kicked out of school when they got pregnant.
My friends had to quit teaching when they were pregnant, as there was no maternity leave. So sad.

In being interviewed by a principal to be put on the supply teacher list, he suggested I would have issues with child care, and didn't want to put me on his short list. That was 1986. I had a young woman, on disability, who came to my house 5 mornings a week, with three kids I was happy with the help, and she the extra cash. I could have slapped the man, but didn't think of a good retort.

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