Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Busy birds in April!

robin - see the leaf buds?

Nest building in my totem pole.
This pair is doing something in my totem pole. I assume a nest. Not sure if this is the best location. There are a few cats (3), and a hawk, about. The hawk patrols daily, looking for Labbit.
Froggie watches her build

I captured these builders April 2010.
Choosing a location for a home is of prime importance for both beast and humans. This pair has chosen an interesting location in a dead tree, on the 24' between my property and the neighbour's road. She drives this road quite speedily and my cats patrol it. I am not convinced they made the best choice. Location. Location. Location.

After giving up the too thin spot at the top of the tree trunk, they began working lower down in the crook. They made it about 8" down and then took off. I don't know if they gave up because of me as I checked them twice a day and took photos. Or bcz the cats were hovering. And, no, 'anonymous', I do not worry too much about how many songbirds the 3 cats get. We have hawk hunters and fishers, too. 3 and 4-legged. The weasels are about, as well.

The chickadees have given up this spot. Moved down to another section of the dead tree. Then, after digging a hole 8" deep, they abandoned it. They must know what they are doing!


Olga said...

Great pictures and video. I enjoy the activities of the birds.

Sallie ( said...

Hope the chickadee found a better spot -- love those little guys. (And your photos/videos).

Red said...

You are going to have an awesome experience watching chickadees build a nest. They work for awhile and then disappear. Come back and work a few days and disappear. In my case the Boreals would work a few days and then the black cars would be there. I have no way of knowing if it was the same pair. So Yours will be back.

Kay L. Davies said...

I love chickadees, but we don't have them here. There are some just north of Calgary I like to visit when we're in that area.
Love your video.

Paula said...

Nice videos and wonderful pictures. I can't believe the number of robins we have around here this year. I always have chickadees and blue jays and robins, but never this many robins!