Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Arctic Air on CBC

One of my favourite new shows. Arctic Air is Canadian, set in Yellowknife, and it's all about the joys and difficulties of living in the north and running an airline.

Here is a better shot, a screen capture. I'm so glad I could watch Arctic Air online!

We've been watching Arctic Air faithfully. Even so, I missed the good-looking young man who was watching the groom intently as he was toasting the bride.

Starring stud muffin, Adam Beach, there are many Canadians in it. A multi-national cast, with some humour, drama and intrigue.

We watched Ice Pilots NWT quite a bit. This appears based on that reality TV show. Lots of swearing and bleeped out parts!

Crew - Ice Pilots NWT

THE BUFFALO AIR CREW. horizontal rule. Sky-high dreams, an appetite for adventure, and nerves of steel are virtually prerequisites for a job at Buffalo Airways

Crusty Buffalo Air owner, with difficult working conditions with -40 temperatures, and a beautiful place to live. We watched it faithfully.

My daughter told me today that my son had a walk-on on it. Who knew?!

Sure enough, I watched the show on-line.
He's the young man, on the right, reaching for something.

Jesse Martyn is also on The Killing, on April 6th or so.

Today would have been his gramma's birthday, April 4, 1925 - (D) May 2006. She would have been so proud.


Linda said...

I don't think we get the Arctic Air program here...

Jenn Jilks said...

It's on-line, but you may not be able to watch it in the US. Not sure!

Pearl said...

He's a celebrity! How nice!!

We hope it doesn't go to his head.