Friday 30 March 2012

We visited my in-laws on Monday!

Off we went to Chesterville, where hubby lived with his mom and grandparents, on the family farm. He was born in Ottawa, but his father's death left he and his mom without support. His mom worked in the Post Office eventually. His grandfather sold the farm and they moved into town.
South Eastern Ontario, off we went.

And here they are, resting comfortably. Hubby goes about once a season to check the stones. You'll see why below!

His grandparents, with his Dad and Mom's stone  in the background.

His Dad died in a workplace incident in 1951.

Three brothers married three sisters, and all farmed in the area. What is sad, is that his grandmother lost a son in the war, a son (his dad) in the accident, as so often happens in that era.
This is his paternal grandmother.

His maternal great-grandfather and child.
Richard Kelly bought a farm,
lived on Beckwith St. in Chesterville.

Some stones are older than others.


He had the stones redone,
as they were hard to read.

This is what happens to the limestone pieces,
those that shift in the soil.

Died in the 1800s
This stone has lost the top

and is nearly illegible.

How tippy they are.

This one has gone all the way over.


Typical of older cemeteries

We decided to keep on truckin'!

After lunch with Papa Gus. (I'm not kidding!)

A big Sens fan, he has two restaurants,
with another in Finch.

I was a bit worried, as we were the only customers, and the signage was a bit...well, this was the least offensive, if you know what I mean!

Lots of geese in the fields

Off we went to Crysler, where hubby's father's family lived.

Lots of fields!
As with many small southern Ontario towns,
they are dominated by churches.
It is incredible the difference
an hour's drive from home!
Looks like Saskatchewan!
We missed the Winter Carnival!


TexWisGirl said...

it is good to check the cemeteries and headstones - obviously necessary. :)

DeniseinVA said...

We visit my mother-in-law's grave quite often, especially when father-in-law visits. She is buried in Arlington Cemetery. We visit several family members and friends who rest there. The restaurant looks like a place we would enjoy visiting, full of character.

Linda said...

Old cemeteries are so fascinating... and interesting when you are familiar with the names. Time does take its toll on everything, doesn't it?

Red said...

Since I don't get home very often I always include a trip to the cemetery.The types of stones tell some of the history.Some of the old stones have been well cared for. It's sad when you see markers that have been abandoned as when family moves away from an area.