Thursday 22 March 2012

Spring peepers are peeping like mad!

The spring peepers are singing for their mates.
They sound wonderful in the night.
While many have been lauding the early spring, Climate Change or no, there is an impact, e.g., fire bans.

The wee frogs are singing in the bogs. Hundreds of thousands of them, all raising their voices. It is a lovely chorus. Tiny things, they are liable to being eaten by almost anything; turtles, larger frogs, and birds.

Currently we have limited Internet- as my Apple wireless has bitten the dust. Not bad. I bought it in 2005!
While this is a Muskoka spring peeper video, you can see how much smaller the chorus in a small frog pond.


Linda said...

The spring peepers have been putting on quite the musical performance. It is lovely to hear. Someone once told me that when you hear the peepers 3 nights in a row there will be no more frost. Ever heard of that old tale?

Red said...

certainly no peeping frogs here. It will be a few weeks. However everybody is remarking about how early things are.

Linda said...

The youngest grandson just watched the videos with me...he loved the tiny frogs!