Thursday 8 March 2012

Seeds and snow and spring

I like to think of all the seeds under the snow, ready to go.

With +15 C. temperatures yesterday, the snow is melting. I'm looking forward, once again, to the changing of the seasons. Here are my twins playing with the milkweed seeds last fall!

These are photos from our trip to the big city, Carleton Place, last Friday! You ca see how much snow we had. I look forward to checking out the melt. Yesterday it was +15 C., according to my outdoor thermometer.
Peeps at work!

More peeps at work!

Not an Inukshuk!

Can you see the beaver lodge?

It's a pretty little bridge! Love Lanark Highlands.

Here we go, on our way from Carleton Place to Westport!

This is typical of Ontario roads, right now, with the freeze-thaw!
Accordion-like roads, 'bumpies!'
We had errands and ended up having dinner in Westport. Almost a Daycation!

It was on Monday that Norovirus hit us both. We've hydrated like mad.
We've been watching men and women's curling, and this has hit both tournaments.
Some are on IVs!

With so many gathered together, and a virus that lives well, and is highly communicable, this is something well have to learn to live with!

I've never felt so weak! Childbirth was better than this! I can see how those who are young or old would be at high-risk for death.

Hubby's illness was about 12 hours later than mine, which is good.

When caregivers become ill, a family often breaks down. I've seen it in my clients.

My Facebook friends have been wonderful, with expressions of support!

This is where Social Media works, not in those enervating newscasts that feature inane tweets, but kind, caring 'get well soon' thoughts from cyberfriends!

They say that few Zoomers (Baby Boomers and Generation Jones) are on Twitter, although more than the Millennials, seniors use Facebook at a rate of 90%!

Unfortunately, the Millennials who drive the system ignore we older folks in data management. They will learn.

For more data, see: Baby Boomers and Seniors Are Flocking to Facebook [STATS] |
 What Do Seniors Do Online? Visit Facebook and YouTube, of Course [STATS]
Excuse me, must run! :-)


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh no Jenn - hope you both are well soon. Lovely late winter/early spring photos here.

My opthamologist has a FaceBook site and his folder says something about 60+s being the largest growing population to use FaceBook. Pretty interesting.

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're both sick, Jenn. I have been, also, but with a cold that got into my chest. I started to feel better yesterday, 24 hours before my appointment with the doctor today.
Try it. Phone the doctor, make an appointment, and you'll be better before you get there. LOL
Seriously, take care, please.
Loved seeing Felix and the milkweed seeds. Oh, well, you know I just love seeing Felix.
You and your ophthalmologist are probably right about Facebook. I remember a friend (my age) telling me "Facebook was made for you" but he didn't realize my blog takes precedence.
Be safe, Jenn. Get well.

Jenn Jilks said...

Sallie, I'm finding I am not getting FB friends to visit the blog.I am separating those from faithful blog reader/writers!
Glad you like my Felix, Kay!
My blog buddies have more time to read than my FB buds. There is a place for all!
Thanks for visiting!

Linda said...

Hoping you are well soon...always love your blogs and photos.