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Ottawa Valley Books and Authors

Many books and publications by Ottawa Valley Authors!
  1. Armstrong, Audrey. The blacksmith of Fallbrook : the story of Walter Cameron. 1979
  2. Baker, Dean J., Baker's bad boys.  2010
  3. Baker, Dean J. The Herald. 2010
  4. Currie, Terence M. The Ottawa Valley's great fire of 1870 : the nineteenth century press and the reality of a great disaster. 2009
  5. Dick, Mary-Ellen. A tribute to some special whitetails. 2009
  6. Douglas, Helen, William's gift : one veterinarian's journey. 2009
  7. Fischer, Doug. Willsey, Ralph.Each morning bright : 160 years of selected readings from the Ottawa Citizen. 2005
  8. Fisher, Andy. Radical ecopsychology : psychology in the service of life. 2002
  9. Flannigan, Clara Raina. Raina, Anne. Clara's rib : a true story of a young girl growing up in a tuberculosis hospital. 2010
  10. Hall, Phil In the early 80s, Phil was a member of the Vancouver Industrial Writers' Union. He is a member of the Writers' Union of Canada, & lives near Perth, Ontario. The little seamstress. 2010 Also: Killdeer.  2011
  11. Kalbfleisch, John. This island in time : remarkable tales from Montreal's past. 2008
  12. McManus, Patrick. The Rideau Canal and its corridor : a site to see 2011 

    Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy on Vimeo Mar 2011 - 6 min
    The Rideau Canal and its Corridor have been honoured with many distinctions; a National Historic Site
  13. Pike Lake Community Association. Report on the state of Pike Lake and it's watershed. (PDF)  2010
  14. Roberts, Wayne. Get a life! : how to make a good buck, dance around the dinosaurs and save the world while you're at it. 1944-1995
  15. Rogers, Kay. Voices of Pike Lake. 2011
  16. Theobald, Clark. Duty, conspiracy, obsession : the story of Daniel Joseph Davern's journey from dishonour to dedemption. 2011
  17. Existing conditions and trends in the Tay River watershed /2000
  18. Vettese, Sharolyn. Life teacher : the role of a parent. 2004
  19. William, Arlene Stafford. Lanark County Calendar. 2013
  20. Willsey, Ralph. This fair town : Perth in photographs. 2009
  21. [PDF] Report on the State of Otty Lake and its Watershed
  22. The intent of the Report on the State of Otty Lake and its Watershed is to ...... of OttyLake “Jebbs Creek”, and the creek into which it flows, “Pike Creek”, later to ...

Living and Dying with Cancer

Jennifer Jilks

Living and dying with dignity : A daughter's journey through long-term care /Jilks, Jennifer A. 2008

James K. Bartleman

Front Cover
James Bartleman at a book signing in Perth.
He and I traded books! A great way to read other writers

  • Raisin Wine: A Boyhood in a Different Muskoka/ 2007
  • Out of Muskoka / 2006
  • Rollercoaster : my hectic years as Jean Chrétien's diplomatic advisor, 1994-1998 / 2005

Roy MacSkimming

  • Gordie : a hockey legend : an unauthorized biography of Gordie Howe / 1993
  • The perilous trade : publishing Canada's writers / 2003
  • On your own again : the down-to-earth guide to getting through a divorce or separation and getting on with your life / Anderson, Keith., MacSkimming, Roy. /1992
  • Out of Love, 1993
  • Cold war : the amazing Canada-Soviet Hockey Series of 1972 /1996
  • Macdonald
  • Laurier in Love, a novel
  • Screech Owl series for children
  • Escape [novel, McClelland & Stewart, 2002]
  • A Loonie For Luck [travel, McClelland & Stewart, 2002]
  • Canoe Lake [novel, McClelland & Stewart, 2002]
  • The Seven A.M. Practice: Stories of Family Life [non-fiction, McClelland & Stewart 1996]
  • Roy MacGregor's Valley Christmas [fiction, General Store Publishing House, 1996]
  • Home Team: Fathers, Sons & Hockey [non-fiction, Penguin, 1995]
  • Road Games: A Year in the Life of the NHL [non-fiction, McClelland & Stewart 1993]
  • The Road Home: Images of the Ottawa Valley (photography by Steve Evans) [General Store Publishing House, 1991]
  • Quantity Time: Words of Comfort for Imperfect Parents [humor, non-fiction, McClelland & Stewart, 1990]
  • Home Game: Hockey and Life in Canada - with Ken Dryden [non-fiction, McClelland & Stewart, 1989]
  • Chief: The Fearless Vision of Billy Diamond [biography, Penguin, 1989]
  • The Last Season [novel, Macmillan of Canada, 1983]

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