Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Goldfish pond is cleaned out

And the frogs have woken up!

I was surprised to find 8 in the bottom of my pond. Two were dead, but the rest seem good, one pair is hugging!

 I didn't realize the pond was deep enough for them to hibernate and live to tell the tale!

Today it was 26 º C. and it was beautiful. The heron did a fly-by after dinner. There isn't much open water, but the frogs are peeping!
Buster remembered there were frogs here
and did a check every day 
even when it was frozen solid!
He didn't mind standing in the water!

Buster, my ever faithful companion, was a great help. Here he is on patrol.

The pond needs a bit of work. The mice have tunneled around it. I'll have to remove the stones and pull up the liner.

Mr. Eagle-eye spotted this pair!

They float together as Buster approaches.
Ready, aim...

Woosh! He missed.
Today he bagged two mice 
and a garter snake, which JB rescued!
He wasn't too, too hungry at dinner...

Leopard frog on top! They just floated like this all day.

I have never seen this before!

 Just so you know they are real, and alive!


Olga said...

Very cool photos. Buster is quite the hunter.

Linda said...

Great photos! How fun - to have a frog pond! But, I am sure it is a lot of work!

Hootin' Anni said...

This is one great set of image shares!!! Sweet!!! Oh, and that one 'ready...aim' is quite fun.

EG CameraGirl said...

Hasn't the weather been amazing! So some frogs survived! Very cool.

Christine said...

I've never seen frogs do that either!