Tuesday 7 February 2012

Wetland walk

I love tromping through the wetland. I followed the deer's path.

It was great walking. There were a few spots where the bog was melted. The deer have laid down a great path, though.

I didn't need my snowshoes for a long part of my walk.

It's a huge area. This is what was behind me!
 It was a lovely, sunny, cold day.

I took off my mitts, opened my jacket, and was quite warm.

The brown colours of the swamp are different than the summer.

The bulrushes turn an incredible green in season.
Poo galore! 
visitors - has to be wolf!

coyote track?
Can you see the deer tail? Left side!
There were other visitors to the bog. Both coyote and wolf tracks, and what looked like bear scat! Doesn't look like wolf, as it doesn't have fur in it! 

Deer poo are pellets, but you can see a bigger blob at the top! Granddaughter, Josephine, would be thrilled!

I scared some deer.
You can just see their tails. Seeing as the trail I followed started at our backyard, they are probably 'our' deer!

A glorious day in the swamp!

I'm glad I had the GPS. Hard to find your way.
The batteries died in the GPS, and I had to stop. Wanting to go down to the river, I had a bad blister on my heel and gave up.

The GPS told me how far I went, and how long.:

I did a 360º  video just for fun.


Linda said...

Nice photos! I love walking out in nature, but I do not like snow! I am a sunshine gal...much prefer warm weather!

Kay L. Davies said...

Fascinating photos of footprints, Jenn. Wolf and coyote, so near to your deer.
What a beautiful walk, and the only sound the crunching of your feet on the snow.
The GPS is a good idea, as long as it isn't constantly nattering at you to "make a legal u-turn"!! Did you have extra batteries for it?
Love your snowshoes. My mind immediately pictures the old kind when I read the word, so I'm always a little bit surprised to see the "new modern" ones!

Red said...

Question. Would your bears be out this time of year? Are they finished hibernation? Here it's along time before our bears wake up.

Jenn Jilks said...

I think they are still hibernating, Red, but we've had such weird weather.

Kay said...

Thanks for taking us out on this cool walk, Jenn! How wonderful to be outside with your jacket open to the warmth! Wonderful!

George said...

The swamp looks like a fascinating place to hike, although I'm glad you only caught a glimpse of deer and not the other critters who had been around.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You are a such a great photographer, Jenn, and an intrepid winter hiker. And also (as on the two posts above) an intrepid ranter. I think it's great to be so brave on both counts, (even though I'm a wimp on both) and I admire your courage..and talent.