Friday, 17 February 2012

Valentine's Day – out with the old, in with the new

She guards my flowers!
Why is it we remember the Valentine's Days gone wrong, rather than the good ones???!!! Rhetorical question, I suppose.
I blame the negative media – they'd sooner bemoan, and enjoy other's grief, rather than celebrate the joy of random acts of kindness, in a world of both love and hate.

I had fun in school with my students. Cupcake days, parties, childish rhymes of the day, a grand opportunity for word play!

Our local school sent primary students with valentines for the residents of the long-term care, where I volunteer. These are things we should celebrate.

February buds wait for Spring
Horse chestnut buds
set in October!
They made little paper plate pockets and each child made a valentine, with their photo on it, for the residents. They hang them off of their walker handlebars, wheelchairs. It was so cute. Should've gotten a photo! I have a bad cold and won't be visiting this week. I was going to do a photo Thursday.

Meantime, outdoors, the deer are anxious for Spring. Already impregnated last November, giving birth sometime around May, they are surviving winter by eating everything they can.

Deer nibble the buds, seeking what nourishment they can. Before long, my horse chestnuts will be dripping sap, and I hope my burlap blankets protect them. They were devoured last year by eager deer.

<=Here they are on the front lawn, nibbling buds and aiming for my rhododendron.

Closer and closer they come!

They eat any buds they can. 
Lilac buds

Sumac buds are coming along. The deer ADORE them!

Olive sits on 'Oliver's Lot'
Instead of languishing, I've been outside changing up my decor. Living in the middle of a bog, the air is so lovely and humid, while I'm coughing so it soothes sore lungs.

The sleeping deciduous trees look cold and brown.
Winds whip them and branches fall on the white snow.

Olive, the other reindeer.
I changed her red bow for green. Gave her a headdress.

 The pines are a wonderful green, the brown grasses lean over in the damp and cold.

The crew now sports a hopeful Springtime green!
Trees in the background in a boring brown burlap!

Black bear sports a delightful green bow tie!
I made some shamrocks
for my old red well bucket.
I couldn't find a dollar store hat to go over his large head and ears, which might have been less dignified, he seems suitably conservatively dressed.
Frosty has a dignified tie, with green top hat!


MyNorth said...

Your yard is all set for St. Paddy.
Love the ducks wardrobe!
Waiting to see how the bear in front of the group home in G'hurst gets decorated.Perhaps it'll be just as sporting as your bear.

Jenn Jilks said...

That group home bear was my inspiration!
I love the dress-up, the poor thing doesn't always look dignified, though. But it is fun for the kids!

Red said...

When you say yard decorations you really mean it. Looks great in a snowy world.

Reader Wil said...

It all looks very nice! What or who is St Paddy? It sounds like an Irish man.
Have a great weekend and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Kristine said...

Very nice!

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! St. Paddy's Day is coming up already. My son and his girlfriend will be here around then. I need to make sure I find some good corned beef.

Linda said...

Your blog is always a visual delight! Love the animals dressed for the occasion! Have a wonderful day!