Wednesday 8 February 2012

Otty Woods - Lanark County

There is a new development that is being created near to us. It is called Otty Woods, it being adjacent to Otty Lake. Located in Drummond/North Elmsley, and cooperating with the Otty Lake Association, Otty Woods looks like the perfect place to build a home with lake access.

There are some of us who object to the fast track, Nascar-track style of boater, preferring to take our time exploring nature and respecting wildlife. This is the philosophy of rural living for this development.

This is the road that has been created. Otty Lake is a shallow lake, only 60 feet deep, according to the coasters we have! I even bought a water bottle with the lake map on it!

We took a couple of walks down the new road. They had an open house last week!

I have yet to dip my toes in the water of Otty Lake. Of course, it's pretty frozen right now!!!


Vagabonde said...

I hope they won’t build too many houses. Right now it looks so peaceful.

Linda said...

Looks like a lovely place to visit - but for me, only in the summertime! Maybe one day I will get there to see the beauty. Until then, I will have to just enjoy it vicariously through your photos and information! Have a good evening...thanks for a very enjoyable place for me to visit every day!

Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, I love that first photo, Jenn. The blue is gorgeous and that cloud is, too.

Kay said...

The cloud formation in that first photo is really awesome. It looks so heavy.

Jenn Jilks said...

We've had lovely February days, faithful readers!
Photography is a piece of cake!
Re: the development, they plan 30 homes, on $125,000 lots, with each lot being 2+ acres.
They have close ties to the local conservation authority and are working hard to meet those codes. I anticipate some homeowners who respect the woods, the lake and the waters, unlike Muskoka where the citiots were horrible seasonal visitors.

EG CameraGirl said...

I hope the area doesn't lose this peaceful ambiance. Often home buyers like the rules at first, then try to change them.