Saturday 21 January 2012

Who do you see at YOUR bird feeder?

We have many birds.

No cardinals, much to my dismay.
Wild turkey needs some grooming!
Lots of squirrels!

Nuthatch, blue jay, pileated woodpecker, mourning doves, chickadee, wild turkey, deer and goldfinches. Of course, the rabbits love feeding there in the night time!
mourning dove and red squirrel!

In fact, last year I wanted to do an explanation, with signage, to let the critters know who should feed from which feeder.
It didn't work. Too short an attention span!

Yes, the turkeys jumped ONTO the feeder. They couldn't figure out how to get at the food.

Camera Critters #198


Anonymous said...

Deer really love your yard! And love that turkey photo!

eileeninmd said...

Great post and photos of your feeder birds. I would love to see a Pileated at my feeders. You do have some great birds there.

Brian King said...

I'm so jealous of your Pileated Woodpecker! I don't get any of those at the feeders. You have a great variety of birds and animals! Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

i gave up the birdfeeders a few years ago because the squirrels were just gorging themselves and leaving nothing for the birds!

Linda said...

Sadly, we had to remove our bird feeders because of a rat problem! I still have the suet feeders out and the thistle sock, since the rats don't seem to be interested in those. I enjoyed your photos, and the video.

Kay L. Davies said...

Great shots, Jenn. Those turkeys are such turkeys, aren't they?
Still very sad to see the picture of "Sarge" on your sidebar. I was sure hoping he'd be found.

Red said...

You have a massive feeder system. You live in the critter's habitat. We get 6 standards all called chickadee, boreal chickadee, red breasted nuthatch, white breasted nuthatch, house finch, house sparrow.

Ruta said...

Oh, I love the shots at your feeders...the woodpecker, turkeys and deer are my favorites!

Carol said...

Great shots!!! Poor turkey :0)

Cheryl said...

I love that last shot with the deer apparently staring you down!

Powell River Books said...

Our visitors don't vary much, lots of Chickadees, a few Oregon Juncos and one Steller's Blue Jay. - Margy

Lindy said...

I'm afraid if I had all those gorgeous creatures visiting our back yard, I'd never get anything done but feeding, observing, and photographing them! Lovely distractions! ;-)

-Visiting from the Camera Critters meme.