Tuesday 3 January 2012

Tracks in the snow and ice!

A wee mouse!
Joe's tracks from last night!
This morning a fine skiff of snow covers our ice. The highway is bare. All is well.
Ditto: sliding along the ice.
I always take my camera out. I hope that when they recover my body, having crossed the highway to fetch the paper, they'll have a photo of the driver that murdered me!

I spotted some lovely animals tracks on the snow and ice.

The birds had no trouble!
Thumper coming, and sliding as s/he was going!


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, how wonderful, Jenn. I like Thumper's tracks especially. We have plenty of wild rabbits (or maybe one) whom we call "Bun" or "the Bun" but I've never actually come upon rabbit tracks.
I posted a photo of some deer tracks the other day. Almost as much fun as seeing the animals themselves.

Kay said...

Great tracks! I guess I'll never get to see those kinds of tracks over here. :-)