Friday, 27 January 2012

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Long car rides and a love for Canada: The story behind the tattoo

Posted on Nov 27th, 2013

We recently came across Bree Rody-Mantha's Tumblr on which she shared a picture of her newly-inked CBC tattoo. We admit that we're a little biased, but come on — it's amazing! We reached out and asked Bree to fill us in on the "back story" behind her decision to permanently inscribe our logo into her skin. Here's what she told us.

Connor, Benjamin, Gracie-Lynn

"perfer et obduradolor hic tibi proderit olim"
Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.

"Intelligence: Always use your head
but trust your heart."

People are people and sometimes we change our minds


Powell River Books said...

This is a whole different side of you. - Margy

Kay L. Davies said...

I agree with Margy. I'm very surprised, Jenn. Certainly not critical, just surprised. Whodathunkit?
I like the "Made in Canada" one, I must admit, but I'd rather have it on a shirt than as a tattoo.