Monday 30 January 2012

Icy times in Lanark, S.E. Ontario

Can't keep up with the icey rain.
Just when it's cleaned off,
the rain comes again!

My mailbox, it seems
was hit terribly hard
with thick layer of ice
its efficiency marred

The winter it seems
was more icy than snow
sunset revealed:
ice on pine needles
a beauteous glow!

Rewarded with a lovely sunset, but more snow to come!

From Cottage Country Reflections


Kay said...

Oh wow! I can almost feel the cold in that last photo, but the beauty takes your breath away.

Red said...

You've really been having some nasty weather lately.
I always like your poetry. Keep at it.
Great montage of pictures showing your winter.

Linda said...

Loved the photos! But...I have to admit, they look VERY cold! Hope you stay warm and safe out of the icy rain!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I don't wish ice on anyone. I'm hoping we escape unscathed.

Christine said...

lovey wintry photos, the ice is so pretty and dangerous! My mailbox likes to get shut at this time of year, very annoying when the key won't work. Lock de-icer is overrated.