Saturday 21 January 2012

Ice is dangerous this year: incidents pile up

And another one:
Snowmobiler dies after striking river bank
An Ottawa man died late Saturday, January 21st, after his snowmobile struck a river bank near Quyon in Quebec’s Pontiac region.
Joseph Leafloor, 31, was driving the snowmobile and crashed while attempting a U-turn.
“It will take a couple of weeks before we find out exactly what happened, but we think alcohol and speeding was involved,” said MRC des Collines Sgt. Louis Piche.

Man serious after snowmobile strikes ice hut
A 27-year-old Pakenham man is in serious condition after his snowmobile crashed into an ice fishing hut on Madawaksa Lake early Saturday. Mississippi Mills firefighters went to the rescue.

Snowmobiling with a group of friends, he crashed into the wooden shack shortly after 1 a.m., suffered several broken bones and internal injuries, taken to the Ottawa Hospital Civic campus. He remained in serious condition late Saturday morning but fire officials believe his injuries are not life-threatening.

UPDATE: driver charged

Parry Sound Snowmobiler Charged in Connection With Friend's Death

Rose Point Rd.
Drinking and sledding. Deadly combination.

Teen's Body Found in Georgian Bay After Snowmobile Incident: The body of an 18-year-old was found at 3 p.m. this afternoon, Tuesday, January 17th.

Search for snowmobiler who went through ice continues near Parry Sound 
Muskoka To-DAILY Monday, January 16
 A couple of 18-year-olds went across the open water around 10 p.m., under a swing bridge in Wasauksing First Nation in the Rose Point Rd. area. The driver managed to climb onto the ice, while the passenger has not yet been found.
Parry Sound First Responders assisted and searched. The OPP Under Water Search and Recovery Unit (USRU) began a search this morning, Jan. 17, 2012.

Jan 13, 2012
by Staff
PERTH - Two men were rescued after falling through the ice on Mississippi Lake Thursday night. (Jan. 12, 2012)
And incidents are not limited to Ontario, with a VERY mild fall/winter...‎ - 18 hours ago Jan. 12
    A man whose truck went through the ice on Lake Winnipeg is dealing with severe ... He and friend Jody Saniuk, 51, were taking part in an ice-fishing derby ...

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