Tuesday 31 January 2012

Ice fishing - a whole new style

Many of my readers have made comments on the winters we face. I like snowshoeing, walks in the woods.
 It was Friday afternoon, and the snow had begun. On a walk on the bog, I encountered some water!

My snowshoe sunk into the water!

I have posted about the world of ice fishing.
We went for a drive. 
One little hut out there! 

You can barely see it, the hut,
but look at the melt around the bridge supports!

At the boat launch, many wet tracks!

Can you read 'thin ice'?

 First you dig a hole. 
An auger does this well! Apparently, concurrently, you build a fire.

The auger
Is the canoe on fire?! NO!
 Then you drive your truck over. Get the kids and the dog out of the truck, having driven them up and down the lake several times!

On family day, in Muskoka, you have to dig one hole per child to avoid debates! 

We checked out the beach –closed.

Modern times, you have a nice hut. Not this hut.

But look more closely.

Trucks, huts... dog, cars, 

Motor homes and trailers on the lake!

A cold day to walk the dog!


Kay L. Davies said...

Scary, trucks and all on the ice this winter, because we've had such unseasonably "warm" (above freezing) temperatures. I hope it's colder in Ontario, or there may be some very unhappy fishermen and families.

Red said...

Ice fishing today is certainly not like in the old days. We did a lot of ice fishing but didn't have a shack or an auger. We punched a hole with a bar. It was quite often a very cold activity

DUTA said...

I greatly enjoy looking at your pictures with snow and ice. They display something I don't usually experience in my country.

There's only one place,far from where I live, a mountain in the north, which has snow falling on it during winter (not always), and so allows the practice of some winter sports.

Kay said...

It's so much fun to see what the lives of you northerners are like. We sure don't get to see this in Hawaii. I'd love to see ice fishing, but I don't think I'd like sitting out in the cold.