Thursday, 19 January 2012

Driving at the speed of stupid

PARRY SOUND – Doug Clark felt helping those injured at in the multi-vehicle accident on Highway 69 earlier this month was something he had to do. To his disappointment, he said others drove... 

The news is full of horrific incidents. In the first few weeks of January traffic incidents have more than doubled in the same short period of time as last year:

from 8 in 2011, to 17 traffic deaths this year, 2012. 
I am not surprised. For those in a hurry, or those with a fine sense of entitlement: feeling free to drive beyond the speed limit, or to pass drivers doing the speed limit, they risk the lives of loved ones.

I know I write for the converted. Who among us has not known someone who has faced grief due to traffic incidents?
The cost to all of us is dear: social, psychological, emotional, financial.
I heard an interview of a woman involved in the awful Jan. 21, 2011 40-car pileup on Ontario. She suffered PTSD as a result of watching the young woman who was pinned between her car and the next.
A fatal 40-vehicle pileup during snow squalls and harsh winds near Orillia left the 22-year-old woman dead. It is not just you, but the people around you who are impacted.

Two die in Sarnia chain reaction crash; OPP say highway fatalities ...
Guelph Mercury
The province's police watchdog is investigating the deaths on Highway 402, ... enforcement following a spike in fatal collisions on Ontario highways.

Four tractor trailers2012-01-12;  Five people injured in QEW multi-vehicle collisionOct., 2011;

Renfrew mourns deaths of three teens killed in crash near Sudbury.

Snow tires are essential!
Safe-driving habits
What do you think the cause of these tragic numbers? 

I believe the reckless passing and the speed many individuals use to get from point A to B.

How about clearing that roof? Snomageddon, 2010

Look out!

In front of our driveway, they whip out and pass without looking.
The last time, they passed a slower truck,
 he honked to let them know about an oncoming car.

head up!

Giant intake of breath!

Vacation, hurry up!
Let's pass two cars at once, with a trailer!

Let's pass two cars at once!

My husband and I like to take Daycations, tripping around southern and central Ontario viewing our world. I cannot tell you the number of times we see those driving dangerously, endangering the lives of those around them.
Many pass unsafely. Many speed unnecessarily.

Winter in Ontario!
OPP Set to Increase Enforcement on Ontario Highways
Response to Recent Fatal Collisions
AURORA, ON, Jan. 18, 2012 /CNW/ - Less than one month into 2012 and Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) statistics indicate the number of people that have lost their lives on OPP patrolled highways has more than doubled over the same period last year.
Love those snowplows!

Two die in fatal crash on Hwy. 17 near Alfred | CTV Ottawa

3 Jan 2012
Alfred fatal crash, Orleans man dies ...killed in a head- on crash.

Visit the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Winter Driving - Be Prepared be Safe website.
Construction zone, garbage truck,
someone had to pass it!
This is the only through road in Bala, Ontario!
There is much information there for those who drive our roads.

For Ontario provincial highway information, call: Traveller Information Service @ 511 OR on the Internet.

This Winter Driving brochure can be found online. It is excellent, and includes recommended items for a safety kit.


Anonymous said...

A very sad post and I hope people who are not yet converted read it.

On a lighter note I love the term "daycation"...we love to do that too.

(And yes, we too see some pretty horrific driving examples.)

Olga said...

I believe your title pretty much says it all.

Red said...

I will stand on this pulpit with you all the way. There's a major disconnect somehow with people and safe driving. some how that just isn't in their brain.