Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The millennials: Tramp Stamps = tattoos

It is peculiar to a particular age group: Tramp Stamps.
Millennials, young women born 1994 - 1983.

Lower back tattoos rose in popularity throughout the 1990s. They are the stamp of a generation of women, the “me” generation, which consists of today’s 18- to 29-year-olds, a.k.a. the Millennials. About four in 10 of us are inked, and of those four, half have gone under the pen two to five times, according to a 2010 Pew Research study.

There is nothing special about you guys with tattoos. The graphic below says 4/10 millennials have one. Wait'll you're 70 and the tattoo looks like a wrinkled snake.

We use Skype with grandkids.

We old farts learned technology on the go, in the workplace. My mother learned to use a computer at age 55.

With 36% of millennials sucking money from parents,  37% unemployed, you should be ashamed.

'Reeding is for Faggots'
I rest my case! 
Too many with debts, little income, and living beyond your means.

University students demanding free freight... I don't want to pay for your education. I paid for mine. I found work that paid me an income that means I did not depend upon my parents.

1/5 of millennials have posted video of themselves online. Yes, and much of it is naked and/or censored. Too much information! Employers are wisely checking it all out, sifting through the vast numbers your age who are employable.

Over 50s on the Internet
There are many over age 50 on the internet. We are quietly occupying our own homes, volunteering, not occupying parks.
We share ideas, communicate and do not feel the need to disparage the 1% who pay our salaries, invest in this country, and give us healthcare.
"Intelligence: Always use your head
but trust your heart."

How to scare the grandkids!
her gramma

We boomers have little debt.
You have little to crow about.
You are unemployed and complaining. The tattoos seem to illustrate my point!

"perfer et obduradolor hic tibi proderit olim"
Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.
This truly is an insult to us baby boomers. This lovely crafted US-based graphic is rife with ridiculous posits. I wonder who took the time to create it?! Oh, I know. Someone who wants free advertising as we post it on the web. No, it's someone who wants search engine optimisation (SEO), to put themselves high on the Google/search engine rating. sigh. I bought into it, too.



Click here to see the graphic!

The Millennials are the latest -and some would say, greatest – generation to emerge in America. 

  • defined as those between the ages of 18 and 29
  • recognizable characteristics that researchers have deemed typical of the generation: optimism, tech-savvy, liberal leanings, and a solid educational background. 
  • Occupy rallies across the nation are populated largely by people who fit this description. 
  • Millennials are already set to become the most well-educated generation in American history, with 40 percent attending college. 
  • astounding rate at which Millennials go on to pursue graduate degrees: a whopping 50 percent of those in college say they plan on entering graduate programs afterwards. 
I think we know that communism didn't work, and millennials are not working, either! Not for money, anyway. They are out occupying, or generating wealth through on-line play. 


Kay L. Davies said...

Ooh, Jenn, I've never seen this angry side of you before.
I agree, tattoos (I can never spell that word) can be pretty gross, and won't look good in 40 years. I'd never heard the name "millennials" before, so I had trouble spelling it, too. LOL
The good thing is, they will grow up. We did. I don't think or feel the same now as I did when I was 20-something, or even 30 or 40 or 50.
I was just talking to a 30-something member of my family, about how she and I have both changed, and how her children will, too. She knows they will, and I agree with her.
Circumstances change, too. Change is inevitable.
I looked at the graphic via your link, but it only reflects the opinion of the person who created it, using data from a place most of us have never heard of. Even if the data were completely true, it will have changed already since Dec. 14.
As for the occupiers, I hope they're making people think. They're making you think, and me. I don't believe there is justice in governments giving tax breaks to the rich if they do so INSTEAD of helping the poor.
I've been poor, unable to work due to ill health caused by overwork. Fortunately, I had a house to sell, so I could eat when I had no income. Renters don't have that option when unemployed, and few people become unemployed voluntarily.
Yes, some of the rich have earned their tax breaks and some of them are creating jobs. However, they don't deserve special treatment when the poor are getting no treatment whatsoever.
Governments which kowtow to the rich and ignore the poor are no better than communist governments who lied to the populace while making their party faithful rich.
In the meantime, you know I wish the very best for you and yours during the holiday season and in the new year. (Special hugs to your granddaughters.)
Luv, K

Jenn Jilks said...

I'm not so much angry as snorting in derision, Kay! None of them seem to have read any Canadian or world history, politics, economics, or understand the differences between Canada and the US. They knock our generation.
The tax breaks in the US differ from Canada's, too.
We have far fewer of the incredibly rich, yet Occupy Ottawa doesn't understand the differences between Canada and US economic situations.
We have universal healthcare in Canada, and for that I am grateful. We have some marvellous organisations that support those who are in need.

Sandy Carlson said...

I hear you. As a teacher, I find myself feeling less and less patient with the genuinely lazy students. I think, "Get it together; my daughter is not working her butt off at school so she can support you later in life." As Jesus said, the entitled will be with us always.