Thursday, 22 December 2011

Freezing rain last night –but rosey sunrise

There was lots of freezing rain, and small fender benders in near-by Ottawa last night.

 Our driveway is covered with a thin layer of ice.
The sidewalk is bad, too.

With temperatures hovering around 0˚  C., and the sun rising, I hope it will all melt away.

Going out to the mailbox to get the newspaper was tricky. I crossed the lawn, the grass crunching with ice.

The sunrise reflects a peachy glow this morning.

I hope the sun will melt the ice, otherwise, I'm not venturing out in the car today!

The Austrian pines are covered in ice pellets.

My transplanted hemlock is a bit droopy with ice, too.


guild-rez said...

in Guildwood we had a thunderstorm and heavy rain, very unusual indeed for this time.
Today, it is quite warm +6C
blue sky and sunshine.
Time to go for a long walk along Lake Ontario.
Wish you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Pearl said...

Stay indoors and keep warm!!


Anonymous said...

Be careful as you venture out of the house onto that ice is the upcoming weeks Jenn!

Powell River Books said...

We've had two freezing nights, but they have been clear and dry - no ice. I'm with you, driving on icy roads isn't my cup of tea. I rather stay inside and drink a hot one. - Margy

Red said...

You did a lot of work this morning to bring us great photos. Hope your ice melts as it's dynamite.