Thursday 17 November 2011

Chuckle for the day!

I've been writing some serious posts lately, if you wish a more serious, healthcare-related read...

Ontario Canadian healthcare is a passion of mine! I am the first interview on White Coat, Black Art, this Saturday. I am so proud to represent volunteer, and adult children caregivers on this Unpaid Caregivers show. 

Time for some fun. Yes, we still get the newspaper. We have a wood insert fireplace and need the kindling! Plus,I like to sit and read the paper with my coffee.
Our newspaper came yesterday. There were some issues.
This looks like CSIS shredded it!

Felix inspected it for me!

What is the opposite of redacting?

Ironic, 'the office saboteur'!
I was just interviewed by a CBC producer,
we spoke of my principal, student bullying work.


Kay L. Davies said...

I've seen papers come off the press like that, Jenn, but seldom do they get delivered to subscribers!
This sort of shredded-by-a-cat look usually happens when the pressmen change rolls of paper on the press, so they're keeping an eye out for the spoiled ones, and throw them away.
Today's presses are computerized and there are far fewer human eyes overseeing the process.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Kay said...

Oh my! That is so weird. I've never seen anything like that.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Funny Jenn! When we first started RVing full time, one of the ways I rated RV Parks was whether they had a newspaper box (and whether the city/town had a decent daily paper)... we now can live without one (but listening to NPR on the computer still means we have to look at each other across the table almost first thing in the morning ;>).....we still subscribe to the dailys in Oregon and Florida, where we spend the most time ..and we don't even have a wood stove. (I hate to see them dying out, but think it's inevitable.)

Christine said...

Jenn, I caught you on the radio show, you were wonderful. As our society ages, your issues will come to the forefront more and more I think. Your parents were so lucky to have you.

I thought your animals got to that newspaper!