Monday, 10 October 2011

What are they playing with?

 They were keen. I was off to a client's house. But I had to see what was getting their attention!
Aha, a snake.

Share, brother, share.
As if! I picked the frightened thing up. It was hiding its head under its nether parts. "You can't see me!"
♪♫Please release me, let me go!
I did. Release it, I mean. And it took off in my garden, seeking its own prey. I trundled off to care for my palliative client. Bless him.


eileeninmd said...

OH, My! Not a toy to be played with for sure.

Olga said...

Poor snake was out numbered there. I would have picked the cats up myself and been scratched for my trouble no doubt.

Kay L. Davies said...

I seldom feel sorry for snakes, I must admit. But your growing twins are a terrible twosome to tangle with, although obviously it isn't a small snake.
God bless your client, and you.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Judy said...

That is a pretty big garter snake!! Cats can be such predators at times! I remember when Sundance learned to catch mice and birds - he always had to bring them home to be admired before he ate them. On at least one occassion, he woke me out of a sound sleep to do the admiring...

Kay said...

Yikes! That is a huge HUGE snake and you're holding it? Wow!