Friday, 30 September 2011

Crime and Punishment: Corrections Canada or Punishment Canada?

The Conservatives, I wrote about prior to the last federal election...

The Tories keep sending out those darned fliers, asking if we want them to be 'tough on criminals', while crowding penitentiaries and undermining any progress in reducing crime, and rehabilitating criminals. Having volunteered in a minimum security prison, facilitating a Creative Writing class, I've seen what can make criminals turn around, rather than spending big bucks on increasing prison capacity and putting more in jail. Our prison system is working hard to make a difference. Stuffing people in overcrowded prisons is causing chaos and undermining this work.

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This is a wonderful commentary by the infamous Rick Mercer. My hero!

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Red said...

The biggest worry the bad guys have is getting busted. To curb crime we really need more police on the beat. The bad guys will know their chance of getting caught is higher and they may not commit an offense.