Friday 29 July 2011

What is it about Perth?

'Songs about Perth' CBC's All In A Day Contest
"If you're loaded retire here... 
See a graveyard, taste a beer" !

I thought I could tell a bit more about Perth! And I have the photos to prove it...

Not riding on a pony
Saw Stewart Park 
Thought it a lark
Said Perth, it was quite tony!

For the beauty: Mother's earth
Here: Ontario, in Perth

Summer land and water play
Lots are swimming in the Tay

Weeping willows shed no tear
Stewart Park, Perth, Ontario
In the tent you'll have a beer
Festivals, they call the tourists
Organics they are for purists

In Stewart Park the swimmers frolic
Maple Festivus and garlic

Along the Tay come sit awhile 
Dream away in charming style

Celebrations they abound 
Melifluous music will resound

Kilts on runners, thereupon
Hike for Hospice marathons 

Long-haired hippies can apply
Organic farmer's greens you'll buy
Locavores have many choices
In their Convertibles, Rolls-Royces

Bargain hunters,
Trees and towers
Antique shoppers
Beauteous flowers

Long haired hippies,

Oldsters, youngsters, 

Artisans, chippies
Weekend warriors,

Red-haired, no-haired

Motorcycle courtiers 

Driving in their hummer
Locals in canoes they quake


W.C.Camp said...

Amazing! Poetry taught me all about PERTH!!! Very cool. W.C.C.

Red said...

You have a lot of fun with poetry. I enjoy it . Keep at it.