Sunday 17 July 2011

Sir John attends Stewart Park music festival

From my photos: Stewart Park Festival
I have put Sir John's trip to Ottawa to music, by the late Oliver Schroer.

 My hand puppet, Sir John... Off we went to the Stewart Park Music Festival. Free music, incredible location.

 At first Sir John was disconcerted, 'No Dogs'. We slipped through anyway.

Then, Sir John found a buddy. He was frozen on the table, in shock? It creeped us both out, though!

Lots to see and do. Music, food, massage, lemonade stand!

Hubby paid for a massage for me, after my 22 km bike ride yesterday. Nice young man found those crunchy nuggets in my back and shoulders!

The kids were fascinated with the band saw.
NQ Arbuckle

Stewart Park is a beautiful spot, in the heart of the town of Perth.

People either 'got it' or didn't, as I lugged Sir John around. With the hippy wannabees that populate town; tie dye clothes, long-haired, freaky people, we fit in, me an' Sir John.

This little guy didn't know WHAT to make of Sir John.
His sister had a kiss for Sir John! 

Thirsty work!

St. John Ambulance crew held onto Sir John for me!
Mmmmm, candy floss!
Crystal Palace, location of the Saturday Perth Farmer's Market.

Easy rider, and a brain catcher. Aren't you supposed to replace them when they get worn like this?!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Sir John fit right in. Looks like everybody had a fun time!

Latane Barton said...

Glad you and Sir John had such a lovely day in the park.

Christine said...

Isn't summer just wonderful, great to see everyone out and about, even Sir John! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

Olga said...

Nothing like a music festival in the park on a lovely summer day. Looks like a lot of fun for all.

Kay L. Davies said...

Looks like a lovely summer day.

—Kay, Alberta, Canada