Tuesday 19 July 2011

OPP rapid fire weapons practice

Did I mention the OPP have a firing range out across our wetland and bog? The tree frog starts croaking, the cats get scared, I find it worrisome.

No one told us about the target range when we anticipated buying the house and property. You'd think one would disclose that. The previous owners have gone back to the UK, where they are from.
 Four days in a row this week. 

White square is their property
-we are the house near the '#1' on the left
-between us is a lot of wetland.
We live near the OPP practice park. Lots of fun on a Saturday, but mostly it is weekdays!  It must prepare the deer and wild turkeys for hunting season.

They sent us a letter in the spring preparing us, informing those of us on our street of the practice dates.

Unfortunately, they also rent it out to other groups, SWAT maybe? Those days are a horrible surprise. We mark it on our calendars. I keep telling myself they are professionals and it is a closed range.

Don't get me wrong, they have to practice somewhere. But we love the peace and quiet.
Thing is country life is anything BUT quiet. The highway traffic is incredible, with big trucks barreling along, the motorcycles who feel they must rev it up, speeding up, trucks passing motorists, some determined to hurry out to cottages to ENJOY THE DANG SUMMER!

I tell myself that I can relax and enjoy the fact that I don't have to rush anywhere. It helps.

It's not as bad at the front of the house in the video, but out back, we just hope there are enough trees across the 500m and wetland...

You can hear it some in Batman's video at 1:06.


Cloudia said...

aloha, Aloha from Waikiki, Dear Jenn :)

Comfort Spiral


Kay said...

Hoo boy! That would be upsetting for me, too. Sending you sunshine and peace from Hawaii along with Cloudia.