Saturday 30 July 2011

Deer collisions in Lanark County

OPP urges drivers to put down cell phones, keep eyes on road
Your Ottawa Region

On her cell phone, whilst driving
For the second quarter of 2011, which ended in June, there were eight car/deer collisions, down from a high of 14 in 2009. Throughout Lanark County though, there were 79 car/deer collisions, as opposed to 72 in 2009, and only 63 last year. Salisbury cautioned later that the number of car/deer collisions usually jumps in the autumn.
No laughing matter


Netty said...

I almost hit a deer myself on the way to work on Friday! They just come out on the road so QUICKLY!
People that drive and talk on their cell phones really irk me. I think I see more now than before the law was passed.

Kay said...

It does make me crazy to see people disobeying the law and talking away on their cellphones. They make the stupidest errors because their attention is diverted.

Jenn Jilks said...

It is so sad, a young man was texting and killed a bicyclist in Toronto the other day. Happens all the time.