Thursday 30 June 2011

Summer, land and water play

Lawn tractor momma
'Mishaps'? Try child neglect.

Two children, woman hospitalized in two separate lawnmower mishaps

Woman airlifted to hospital after lawn mower accident -

A woman was airlifted to Toronto and her son was taken to hospital after a lawn tractor accident in Stayner last Sunday afternoon.

This is illegal. They often allow him on the jetski alone
We drove past a place where it looked like a 8-yr-old was driving the lawntractor. At another house we spotted a kid who was on the dad's lap driving. Their property has huge ditches. Pretty scary.

We've also seen youngsters driving jetskiis. The is illegal. These are new summer residents. They also spend hours doing figure 8's in across the frontage, annoying all of the residents, especially their new neighbour who lives in the house my cousin built. Citiots, new to the area, there is not the respect for neighbours that there used to be. The etiquette of cottage life is gone, in favour of speed, parties, illegal bonfires all day, fireworks every night.

They do not know the boating laws.

Jul 04, 2009
In most provinces there is a 10 kph speed limit within 30 metres (100 feet) from shore. Fine is $125. Maximum fine is $500 or six months imprisonment. (Canada Shipping Act: Boating Restriction Regulations)

Unfortunately, when OPP Marine Division is called, by the time they get there, get a boat in the water, either the boaters scatter, some run into bays, or they stop their irritating, illegal, dangerous behaviour. It is a huge issue for those who prefer canoes to powerful machines, the sounds of the loon calling, to the screaming and fireworks.

This youngster was hanging onto the side of the boat while waterskiing.

This is illegal. The child cannot be in front, apparently driving.

Following too closely, with youngster driving.
It is truly frightening, as summer begins. A review of drownings, an annual report, find that youngsters drownings have doubled to 13 last year in Ontario. Thirteen young lives cut off in a minute.

Children's drowning deaths spike in Ontario
3 days ago

A review of drowning deaths in Ontario last summer found a "disturbing" spike in the number of deaths involving young children. (2010 Drowning Review - Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario)

A total of 90 drownings last year, and 85% were male. They blame alcohol, inexperienced boaters without lifejackets, people not understanding safety around water.
From 2009 drownings:

"A pair of newly released drowning trend reports, compiling 10 years of research by the Canadian Red Cross, show that boating fatalities make up 39 per cent of drowning victims, and alcohol is a factor in about half of the cases."

Checking for alcohol at the beach
I wonder how much we spend on boating safety, boating regulations, education, and enforcement of safe summer activities?

The Bala Falls drowning garnered a lot of attention, and yet they still swim there.

It is comforting to see the officers patrol at the beach on a summer afternoon. We know what the combination of boating, and/or speed, and alcohol does. There are far too many lakes in cottage country to have them monitored. I think it up to others to call them out. Tough love.
When you see someone acting stupidly, you should speak out. It would have saved someone unfamiliar with the inherent dangers. People unfamiliar with swimming below the Bala Falls or jumping off of the train bridge, for example, watch others swim, and do not realize the undertow. My video has had over 2000 hits from around the world, as families members across the ocean seek to understand the deaths. A-News calls it a 'picturesque' place to visit. But it is deadly.

Summer. Be safe. Be careful. Respect wildlife.

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W.C.Camp said...

Good thoughts to live by as always. I am continually bothered by how much alcohol abuse in ordinarily 'fun' activities creates endless problems for others to clean up. W.C.C.