Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ralphie and Batman, the Robins

I found two baby robins under the car.

I left them overnight, knowing mom and dad follow and feed them, but the one was left on the ground all night.

With a feral cat visiting, and many other critters in the forest, I thought they were doomed. At least Oliver wasn't to blame for this one. Not big enough to move, I wasn't prepared to adopt them both and hoped parents WOULD come and feed them. I nestled them in to an abandoned nest up off the ground nearby in the shed. I thought the parents would hear them.

The sibling, who was able to walk/hop, is gone. This one, Batman, is missing an eye.
We've been feeding it pablum, cat food and ground up worms, having checked with the vet for info. Every hour during daylight. Amazing what the Universe sends when a cause is needed!

First feeding was 5 a.m. today! I understand it might not survive, but couldn't let it starve to death.

I left out out all day yesterday, fed it periodically checking for parents, and came back in hoping its cries would bring back the parents. Not so.

Do you know what pureed worms look like? I couldn't do it. Hubby had to. Pretty gross as the parents eat and regurgitate food for babies.

Batman is getting strength back, pretty hungry out all night alone. He has hourly feedings. What was I thinking?! First one was at 5, when dawn arrived. Lovely cheery chirp. He's in a bed of twigs, leaves and grass.

Just like Isobelle, out 1-yr. old granddaughter, he lets everyone know when it is to to defecate. Pokes him bum out over the edge of the spot he's sitting. Buster Brown cat is fascinated. Felix not so much. He's a bit of a scaredy cat. Sady is pouting downstairs. Just too much going on!


Below is a Raphie Robin video for Jofee, who loves music and words, from a Peterborough musician who likes to make video with a young man!

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