Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Doors Open Perth

We popped into a couple of churches on our way to the Art In The Garden event, 2011. Perth, settled by Scottish ex-military, they were swamped by missionaries, sent to save souls. Obviously, the landowners had money to build these long-standing structures.

Perth Ontario

 (Click on the link for the full timeline!)

1816 The town was established. There were 20 houses in Perth, 250 in the surrounding area, with a population of 1505.
1817 Settlers faced starvation.
1823 Seven general stores in town; Summit House, Inge-va erected.
1830 Perth population = 350, although many more in the surrounding farmlands. 
1830 McMartin House built. 
1833 June 13th, last fatal duel in Canada
1834 Tay Canal opens
1836 population =  1000
1850 population = 1581
1851 Perth Public school is erected.
1891 population = 3136
2006 population = 6232

St. James Anglican, Perth, ON

Only original window

All of the windows were replaced
by donations over the years.
The first minister was a former military officer.

The colours were awarded to the church,
they are not permitted to be removed!

Plaques indicated families that were movers and shakers.
Each window donated by a family

Flora Madeleine Shaw, R.N.

Shirley & Philip MacDonnell

Baptismal font

Next, we headed off to the Catholic church: can you believe the dates?! 
This church was the second, the other was situated elsewhere. 

About the Parish

One of the oldest Roman Catholic parishes in Upper Canada, the first service was held in this historic building on Christmas Eve in 1848. Our Christian community actually predates the founding of Perth in 1816.

This church was originally built outside the town boundaries. This is the view from the front door.
You can see forever!
St. John’s Rectory was erected in 1856 as a Priests’ House

Huge property
Last Fatal Duel held on the grounds of Perth Inge-Va House (erected 1823) - Heritage Perth Ontario
ready for dinner!
A Red Hat Society participated in Open Doors!

beautiful frontage

McMartin House
Ongoing restoration

The details
Matheson House
Home of the Perth Museum


Matheson House

Not on Doors Open, but a spectacular place, too, Summit House.


Cloudia said...

Sweet Summer Ontario!

Aloha from Honolulu :)

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Kay L. Davies said...

What an interesting group of churches. I do love stained glass windows, but that original window in the Anglican church has something stately about it, something I like a lot.
Perth looks like a part of Ontario to be seen.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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