Monday 27 June 2011

Can you name this bird?

Sady went out for walkies, and I could hear the bird scolding.

Then it began to dive bomb her. Well, it was still quite high up, but once the deer flies settle down, I'm going into the forest to see if I can spot the nest. It has to be nearby!

This is the damage they do, although our Ottawa gardening expert tells us that it is better the birds get the bugs out, rather than the bugs staying in!

ThumbnailWoodpeckers in Muskoka  

Pileated woodpecker in the woods

Sady has a long history of bugging the  birds

Pileated Woodpecker warns the cat
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The aphids were attacking the milkweed, but the ants were attacking the aphids!
It is a busy world.


Christine said...

could it be a woodpecker?

so what do you think of Toronto mayor not attending the pride parade? It's all over the news. I'm thinking, surely if he wants their votes?

And I'm glad to have the mail going again...regardless of whose rights are not being upheld!

Jenn Jilks said...

I was misleading you, Christine! But you are close.
Your Toronto mayor may have made a mistake. Our Perth mayor convinced WASP Perth to have a Gay Pride dance for the first time. We're pleased, although there was a negative letter to the editor. It was followed up by several positive ones.

I thought it disingenuous for the government to force a pay wage settlement, the issue was the pension, whether it is defined benefits or not for new employees. That is something the unions will have to face.

Netty said...

I think your mystery bird is a Norther Flicker.
We have them here too and sometimes they sound like they are 'laughing' at you!

Netty said...

I think your mystery bird is a Northern Flicker. We have them here too, and sometimes they sound like they are laughing :)

Christine said...

as usual I don't know the issues behind the post office strike, you always have good opinions. you seriously should have been in politics in another life, to make a difference.

and there are no helmets with those bikes that I can remember...uh oh.

Good for your mayor.