Monday, 25 April 2011

Frog keeps in tune

Down by the frog pond. This little guy was singing. No tripod...I'm a bit wobbly!
I adore the spring singing.

Frog's eggs
It's a relief to get outdoors and get away from the election talk. The polls are crazy.

People are crazy.
Wanting more services, but lower taxes. But I digress.

Frog in our old pond, with Shirley, the goldfish

A spring peeper!


You can never take too many pictures said...

How!!!! can something so tiny have such a glorious and loud spring love song?????? So far no singing yet here in my neck of the woods, but patiently waiting for that sweet music!!!!!!Yes I agree elections are for Crazy people....I want to get lost deep in the woods when I hear all that crap!!!!!!!

cheryl said...

You're so right Jenn, I welcome their songs. I can't wait til my own wee pond is overflowing with them and if you watch long enough you'll pick out the characters.