Wednesday 20 April 2011

Election in Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington

What will change? What remains the same?
For the most part, statistically speaking, most incumbents will remain in their seats.

Here is a snapshot of my riding, for example. We are religiously conservative. Our local provincial Randy Hillier (AKA, 'Nanny State' MPP) and federal (MP) elected rep Scott Reid share an office, and a number of initiatives. Probably a good idea for them, as they do not split the provincial/federal vote. They are against same-sex marriage. (I swear!)

What we are finding in Canada is an increase of the Green vote, as young people begin to get involved and seek a new direction.
The wind blows signs, gusts in all directions. Not so the voters.

Scott Reid (CPC), David Remington (LPC), are running again. Greens: John Baranyi. Independent: Ralph Lee. NDP: Doug Smyth.

Our riding: L-F-L and A
The Ottawa citizen has been featuring various Ottawa Valley ridings. Ours was in the paper yesterday. Look at the blue vs. red!

We live in a predominantly WASP (98%), inexpensive part of Ontario: average home prices =  $207,000. Yet there are huge mansions by the lake, with clusters of small WW II homes in the centre core of the city.

Having grown up in downtown Toronto, population in the 5 millions, or so, and a wide variety of multicultural groups, this is quite a different place for me to live.

I spent my first 25 years in Toronto, the next 25 in Ottawa.
It is shocking how white we are here in Lanark! And how old: 16% over age 65 years.
Single parents: 13%.
Unemployment is an issue (5.7%).
Teen suicides (9 last year).
We have volunteer firefighters,
and a burning ban few seem to agree with or follow.

The guy across the street dumps garbage on his vacant lot.

And conservative!

The 'back off' government signs are intimidating.

Landowners want the right to do what they will with their land. As Scott Reid said, as quoted in the paper, there are laws requiring a farmer to put up a fence so his/her cow doesn't pee in the river. This limits the farmer's rights to access to their river.

Heaven forbid that we have laws against polluting a river, when most people in the country have wells, like us!

We don't pee in your pool. Don't pee in our watershed!
I'm shocked by the attitude.

'Reid argued that landowners see the value of their land drop because they are governed by government actions and land- use law.
Earlier this year, Reid attracted attention when he sent a letter to a Toronto newspaper critical of fellow Tory Norm Sterling, the veteran MPP who represents neighbouring Carleton-Mississippi Mills. Reid said Sterling’s office had been “neglectful” of riding issues and his own office had to step in.' [Read more: Ottawa Citizen]

We have hunting law violations. Some dork was fined $1050 by the MNR for hunting BLUE JAYS.
 Welcome to my world!


Vintage Voter has been sharing OLD photos of current party leaders. It's really funny. These look like, well, my high school yearbook!

  • only 37 per cent of eligible voters (2008 - Elections Canada) between the ages of 18 and 24 voted
  • however, 68% of voters over age 65 went to the polls
  • average of all age groups: 59 % voted
  • If only seniors voted: the Conservative Party would have a huge majority of 44% of the vote
  • in the 50 % range in the western provinces and Atlantic Canada. 
  • The Liberals would win 34 % of seats, with strong performances in Quebec and Ontario.


EG CameraGirl said...

I live in Conservative riding too. For now. Toronto is moving northward so someday it may be Liberal, NDP or even GREEN. Time will tell.

Roan said...

Interesting reading. I learned something. By the way, LOVE your new header.