Tuesday 5 April 2011

Crows, Snowball's chance

I love the birds. They are coming back, those that left us for winter. The olive-green of the goldfinch have gone back to yellow for summer.
The jays and chickadees continue to feed.

On a walk in my forest - the birds are wonderfully noisy in the trees. The crows make a strange clicking sound (0:40) , as well as cawing. I am confused, since the raven does the clicking, according to Peterson's, and the American crow is smaller. The typical cawing is fun in the forest. If they would only sit still I could measure them. The raven tail is round, crow straight across. Raven has a gullet.

In downtown Ottawa, they have a ton of these birds. See the YouTube video here.
And then... there is Snowball, featured on a couple of shows. What a dancer~

He just makes you feel good!


Vagabonde said...

We can spend hours looking at birds in our backyard. I saw that dancing bird before – he is amazing.

Kay said...

I do like that haunting sort of cawing that crows can do. I didn't know that they click as well.

Powell River Books said...

I love waking up to the songs of birds. I woke at dawn this morning and they sang me back to sleep. Isn't spring grand? - Margy