Friday 1 April 2011

Close race in Ontarios Conservative Carleton-Mississippi Mills

Locally, there is some fooferaw around the provincial Conservative nomination run in Carleton-Mississippi Mills riding. This is nearby-by, my Federal and Provincial riding is  Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington.
UPDATE: Jack MacLaren won the nomination
Candidate who toppled Norm Sterling is a ‘bully,’ PC riding president says.

Sterling won the 2007 election with an 8,350-vote margin over his Liberal opponent. MacLaren’s Landowners endorsed the Green candidate in that race.
The race itself was interesting...

Sterling candidacy given boost by Harris

Jack MacLaren & Norm Sterling
Veteran Ontario Conservative MPP Norm Sterling has gained a celebrity endorsement in...written to party faithful supporting Sterling, who served as a cabinet minister and...Norm's experience and dedication." Sterling, a 34-year legislator, is facing...

Dear old former Conservative leader Mike Harris has written to party faithful, recommending Norm Sterling to the nomination. 

Not to be outdone, MacLaren's homies did the same!

 MacLaren's web page says they are in a dead heat (1200 - 1200!)
He tweets:
 Jack MacLaren 
Two Days Away From a Day of Change: There are only a couple of days left before the big day, and our meeting at ... 

Sterling, is facing a nomination challenge from a former leader of a libertarian rural rights group, Jack MacLaren.

MacLaren is being supported by our Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington very right wing MPP Randy Hillier (AKA "Nanny Randy" "The Nanny State and You" - Randy Hillier speaks at Queen's!), as well as his buddy MP Scott Reid. Reid wrote a letter to a national newspaper following accusations that Hillier and Reid have a 'very narrow and right wing agenda.' (How'd they vote?) Ya think?

Maclaren, "Small government, lower taxes, fewer regulations."
Both want to embed property rights in the Charter:
concrete, bricks dumped

 THis is the place where landowners decry MNR laws, complain about the government that they want to back off. The signage is almost frightening. I have written previously about how Muskoka's Georgian Bay was decimated by loggers who clear cut, destroyed fishing and spawning habitat. Canada has a long history of exploiting the land. Rather than fewer oversights, land protection laws, we need more to watch what is going on now. 
You only have to read the terrible stories of hunters violating the migratory birds act in this part of Ontario. 

Jan 10, 2010
A royal commission in 1898 found that Georgian Bay fishermen were using undersized nets, and exceeding the number of permitted nets. They estimated that more than 2000 nest were strung in the Bay. This combined with effluent pollution by lumber barons created ghost towns...

I firmly believe we need laws to protect the land. Financial penalties, some complain, are ravaging some landowners, and they may or may not be justified, but clear cutting, pollution, and other environmental issues must take precedence over the right of a landowner to do anything s/he want to the land.
Hillier writes:
The hypocrisy is clear; unnecessary legislation intended to protect society and the environment remove good stewards from the land, and shatters the cornerstones of democracy. Freedom and democracy, once cultivated in the countryside, are being culled from society in the nets of red tape; and independence, prosperity, and self-reliance suffocate as the rural economy and lifestyle becomes extinct for the “public good.”
Hillier also proposes that the government supports for-profit long-term care centres:

It is fearful for me, since this group of men oppose controls of land, land use, how and where producers sell goods, yet these policies protect us. Not only this, but it is in our taxes that we find the resources to ensure that food has high standards, that services are available to us, our garbage collected, water use controlled, land use is protected.

As well as Reid and Hillier oppose same-sex marriage. Hillier's post says, 

Dangerous Precedent Set with Same-Sex Marriage RulingThe separation of church and state is crucial, to my mind. I fear what Harper's rise to power has done to this country. Harper, a former Alliance mover and shaker from out west, has brought his policies to Ontario. They are gaining momentum, as they would wish to return to an old-style Canada of a previous era. In the past people in same sex marriages must move to the cities for the respect, and anonymity, a big city accords them. Issues such as homelessness, poverty, are growing as society changes.

Small town Ontario is becoming an increasingly difficult place to live as modern life bears down on us. With transportation becoming easier, many citiots can make visits here, as well. Hunting violations are scary. The speed of traffic, wild animals dying and bleeding on the road, as monuments to humanity's intrusion into nature break one's heart.

Sterling's spat with Hillier reignites

A fight within Ontario Conservative party ranks flared up again this week after an e-mail revealed links between a renegade candidate and a sitting MPP.

Environment Canada Reports Violations
Ontario Northland Transportation Commission Fined $60,000 for Violation of Fisheries Act

NORTH BAY, Ont. -- March 2, 2011 -- Ontario Northland Transportation Commission pleaded guilty yesterday to one charge of depositing a deleterious substance into fish‑bearing waters in contravention of the Fisheries Act.

STRATFORD, Ont. -- January 11, 2011 -- Luke Van Nes of Perth South, Ontario, was sentenced on January 10, 2011, in the Ontario Court of Justice in Stratford, to a fine of $1,000 to be made payable to the Environmental Damages Fund.

EDMONTON, Alb. -- January 31, 2011 -- On January 27, 2011, Environment Canada laid 10 charges against Jeffrey Foiles, of Pleasant Hill, Illinois, under the Migratory Birds Convention Act,1994, and two charges under the Criminal Code.

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I generally like minimal government for most things. I have never hunted but I appreciate the idea of managing animal resources just like minerals. I always love your great pictures. The buds look ready to pop up your way - should be a beautiful Spring! W.C.C.