Sunday, 2 January 2011

The important things in life for 2011

Close eyes, gamma...
A soft place to fall
Warm hugs
Something to hope for
Somewhere to go
People who laugh with me when I dance
Someone who knows my name
Anticipatory fun
A soft place to fall
Someone to catch me
Got it!

Someone to give hugs
Someone who'll just sit with you and keep you company
Something to cuddle

Someone for whom we can write a poem

When someone knows my name

Grampa let me help him open his present

The joys of being a girl in 2011

-with me!

Mommy having fun
Somewhere to go

A soft place to fall
Someone to catch me!

Jean-Luc's poem:

For Christmas we bought you
Things for your bar
An olive remover
Fork for a jar

The trinkets you see here
Are only a start
Another awaits you
From here you depart

Go to the garage
And under the stairs
You’ll find your present
For your downstairs!

(We bought him a wine  rack, and had to store it under the stairs!)
I wrote him a poem

And then there is the down side...sharing his room. Oliver hides under his bed, while his allergic sister (Caitlin) sleeps in his room.
Grumpy gave up his room for the kids!
He pouts...

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great post. Nothing like kids to make life interesting.