Sunday 12 December 2010

Weather outside is frightful!

Today's freezing rain is now rain. It is quite a mess out there. Good thing it is Sunday! 

It's crazy that the OPP and the OFSC have told people to stay off of the sleds and the trails. Duh...

Melted mouse tunnels!
There is a whole PDF file explaining that the bogs, wetlands, forest trails, are not frozen, the groomers risk accidents. 'Besides, when nothing is frozen, clubs can’t even get their groomers into many trails due to 
impassable swamps, bogs, creeks and washouts.'  We know that this recent snowfall won't last here in southern Ontario. In fact, we had a lovely snow cover, and it is simply washing away. The wildlife benefit from snow cover, too. You can see the tunnels, now melted in my backyard photo. Poor wee deer mice!

Radar at Franktown, ON
10:50 a.m.
Franktown radar
by 12:45 it mostly passed
I love watching the weather. I love change.

Ian Black has some great weather forecasts. He is based in Ottawa.

I asked him about the 'valley effect'.

Hi Jennifer,
The "Valley effect" refers to, amongst a few other things, the cold air that settles into the lower lying land that is hard to move out. Areas outside of this effect might be in the double digits with rain, while in the Valley, it would be considerably colder. In many cases we get freezing rain when others are getting plain old rain.
Ian Black
CBC Ottawa

Our kids are there, and its amazing how the weather differs on some days.

Sometimes, if we plan a trip to the city, we watch Ottawa carefully.
Otherwise, we watch it for fun.

The radar on the weather network is the best. I like watching the progress of a storm. It is hard to predict, and, like a hurricane that varies its path, it is best to see the progress at the time.
By 4 p.m. the storm had passed

Environment Canada does a good job, with regular updates of the local radar.
at 11:00 a.m.
Environment Canada
Weather Office (

There are many sources, and many times they do not agree! Sometimes the best source is looking out the front door...
London, ON, had a ton of snow. 20 - 30 cm, I thought.

See a photo here:

I prefer the Canadian government sources. The ads are just irritating on some of the other web pages.

Many disagree about 'Global Warming', better stated as Climate Change.

(Either way, we've got to stop our waste of non-renewable resources.)

The rain has just about stopped. Time to amble outdoors for more photos!


Vagabonde said...

I am watching the weather too. They said we would have snow. It started about ½ hour ago but it stopped already. We’ll see if it starts again, it is 32.5 right now, about ½ degree C. So, how do you like your new area in cold weather? Is it warmer than by the shores of your lake?

Jenn Jilks said...

It is warmer, Vagabonde! Just slightly. Perth is quite a bit south. The big difference is the absence of the Lake Effect snow. Muskoka has quite a bit of snow right now. I miss the lake. It is like a painting, with the weather changing it daily, hourly! But the deer are so precious.

Linda said...

We had ice rain/snow early this morning, but it changed over to heavy rain for most of the day. It is supposed to change back to snow and then get colder tomorrow. (Belleville area)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Brrr! You are absolutely right that 'climate change" would have been a far better phrase than 'global warming'. I think people would better have understood what's happening.